28 February 2023

Fasteners: what are they, why are they used and how are they installed?

Fasteners are used in a wide variety of application areas to obtain solid and resistant fixing points. They are also fundamental in the realization of your mechanical devices for electronics: discover immediately what they are, how they are installed and how they can be useful to your projects!
9 December 2022

The core machining of elmec mechanical carpentry: how do we handle rolled products?

Obtaining precise, high-performance products goes through various production phases, ranging from cutting and bending of the laminates to finishing and the application of mounting points. Come and find out how we can take care of your rolled products!
17 October 2022

What is aluminium and how is it produced?

Pure aluminium does not exist in nature and two different routes can be followed to obtain what is needed for industrial production: extracting the metal from the ores that contain it, or recycling it. Here is which type of aluminium we use at elmec and why.
15 September 2022

The BAQ badge, a success in line with the elmec philosophy

For us, obtaining the BAQ badge from Confindustria Brescia means seeing our efforts in building a solid bond with the territory that hosts us rewarded, not only from an industrial point of view, but also from a social and human one.
2 August 2022

Resistance of an electronic device to vibration tests: How to design a suitable mechanism.

5 July 2022

Team building and solidarity: our elmec summer

Summer for elmec is the perfect time to create moments of leisure and fun, which consolidate relationships between team members and offer pleasant relaxing breaks ...
13 June 2022
verniciatura a polvere

Powder coating or liquid coating: which is better?

Want to paint the mechanical case for your electronic installation but you don't know which process is most suitable? Discover the main features that differentiate powder coating from liquid coating and decide which is best suited to your project.
26 May 2022

My first six months in elmec: Mecky tells their story

Mecky has been part of the elmec team for six months now–how quickly the time passes! Their life in the company has been full of discoveries, sharing and new ideas for growth. Let’s hear directly from our mascot about their experience.
14 April 2022
elmec polaveno

In search of new awareness: the 2022 edition of our CLEAN & THINK day

Work routines can stress us out and take us away from our best inner resources. The Think and Clean event aims to help us decelerate, regain focus and set new goals.
14 April 2022

Alla ricerca di nuova consapevolezza: l’edizione 2022 della nostra giornata CLEAN & THINK

La routine lavorativa può stressarci eccessivamente e allontanarci dalle nostre migliori risorse interiori. L’evento Think and Clean punta proprio a farci decelerare, per ritrovare concentrazione e nuovi obiettivi.