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    19 November 2021

    Our core processes: this is how we deal with laminates

    Laminate processing is one of the main pivots around which our production possibilities revolve in the creation of devices, houses and light carpentry components to support electronics.
    27 October 2021
    fresatura cnc

    CNC milling: discover our specialisations

    Its accuracy and the possibility of achieving excellent finishes means that it lends itself to the creation of parts that need to lok good or that require accurate, solid mechanical couplings.
    22 September 2021

    The importance of custom products for your business

    Mechanical components at the service of electronics are now at the core of a very wide range of installations, and their importance is essential within numerous types of civil and industrial systems. The needs in this sector can be satisfied through high quality standard components in many cases, but more often it is necessary to create custom solutions that can adapt to many specific applications.
    9 September 2021

    Core processing: the real heart of elmec

    The world of electronics is one of the most dynamic on the industrial scene and the evolutions it experiences follow the changing needs of the industry and the applications it is involved in. It is therefore essential that the mechanics dedicated to electronic equipment are inspired by the same ability to evolve and react to the market, to keep up with the times and propose cutting-edge solutions and functional innovations.
    26 August 2021

    Elmec, a company in constant motion

    Setting the goal of effectively combining the best mechanical carpentry with the most advanced electronics also involves studying the best ways to achieve this goal. Over the years we have designed and applied an efficient method to achieve perfect harmony between the two universes and their needs: fruitfully blending the abilities of our internal team with the skills of a selected network of external partners.
    12 August 2021

    What have 40 years of experience taught us?

    Elmec has been designing and manufacturing mechanical components for electronic applications since 1981: exactly 40 years have passed since Gianfranco Palini, the founder of the company, took the first step towards that synergy between electronics and mechanics that is now the heart of our business.
    31 July 2021
    sostenibilità news

    Environmental sustainability, according to elmec

    For us at elmec, the concept of sustainability means protecting the environment, enhancing the local area and safeguarding its ecological, economic and social resources. Indeed, creating a model of sustainable industrial development involves the construction of processes that can fully satisfy present needs, leaving the same opportunity to future generations
    21 July 2021

    Elmec People: because elmec means team

    We are absolutely convinced that boosting the people who participate in our project is the best way to grow and create new opportunities every day.
    4 February 2021

    ddpstudio architecture&design wins the Golden Compass – Compasso d’Oro

    The Milanese studio ddpstudio with which we have been collaborating for more than ten years has won the Compasso d’Oro with a highly innovative project: the Hannes prosthetic hand. Congratulations
    24 July 2020

    Workshop P = V x I

    Our formula? Combine the passion for mechanics with the knowledge of electronics. This is the only way to create the right dress to give value to your product.